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Welcome to the Lego Acronym Helper. Here you will find a list of common acronyms used by Lego fans.

Like all specialty fields, Lego collecting has a language all its own. Sometimes an acronym is mentioned in full elsewhere within the work: like a set name abreviated rather than repeated over and over. Most acronyms with LUG or LTC are Lego User Groups or Lego Train Clubs. Some acronyms are not Lego specific, and appear in other acronym lists. But there are still those acronyms used so often, that the experienced reader understands, and the newly inspired builders are confused. That is why this list was built.

Credit goes to Derek Schin's rtlspeak and Shiri Doris's The Lego Acronym FAQ for earlier incarnations of this list. And thanks to the many contributors to this list over the years. Frequently just asking, either on the LUGNET Forums or on your favorite board will get a reply. If you see an Lego acronym that should appear here, please Contact Clark!

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AFAIK: As Far As I Know.
AFOL: Adult Fan of Lego.
ALE: Adult Lego Enthusiast - an easier to pronounce alternative to AFOL.
ASAP: As Soon As Possible.
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BI: Building Instructions.
BimP: Bricks in my Pocket.
BF: Black Falcons theme; or Brickfest.
BFF: Black Falcon's [sic] Fortress or sometimes the re-issue.
BJ: Brad Justus, Former Senior Vice President of Lego Direct.
BK: Black Knight's.
BL: Bricklink.
BOGO: Buy One Get One - usually a percentage discont on the second item purchased.
BOGO: Buy One Get One Free - purchase two items for the price of one.
BSB: Black Seas Barracuda.
BT: Blacktron, either first generation or future generation.
BT1: Blacktron first generation - the evil ones with the black visors.
BT2: Blacktron, the future generation - the good guys with antifreeze-green visors.
BTB, BtB: Bob the Builder - a Duplo theme.
BTW: By the Way.
BURP: Big Ugly Rock Piece .
BURPMAN: Big Ugly Rock Person Made Annoyingly Nonmobile.
BV: Belville.
BW: BrikWars or BricksWest (now defunct).
BYFMTWW: Bring Your Favorite Minifig To Work Week - held around the week of December 11th. Tradition from RTL, possibly '96 or '95.
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CA: Canada, California, or Lego Consumer Affairs.
CAD: Computer Aided Design.
CLSotW, CLSOTW: Cool Lego Site of the Week.
CMIIW: Correct Me If I'm Wrong.
CP: See XP.
CRAPP: Crummy Ramp and Pit Plate - the baseplate with a ramp and pit.
CW: Castle World- a fan-created world with creations, characters and stories about Lego castle.
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DDK: Droid Developer Kit.
DFD: Deep Freeze Defender.
DM: Dragon Masters; or Deutsche Marks - former German currency.
DSDK: Dark Side Developer Kit.
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EU: Euro or European Union.
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FA: For Auction.
FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions.
FBTB: From Bricks To Bothans - a Star Wars Lego website.
FL: Florida or Fabuland.
FOTD/W/M/Y/C: Find of the Day/Week/Month/Year/Century - a very good/cheap/large/rare deal involving lego.
FS: For Sale.
FS/T, FSOT: For Sale or Trade.
FT: For Trade.
FTR: For the Record.
FUT: Follow-Up To [different discussion location]. - Any replies to that post will be redirected to a certain group. See also XFUT.
FWIW: For What it's Worth.
FYI: For Your Information.
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GI: Guarded Inn or sometimes the re-issue.
GoB: Guild of Bricksmiths.
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HAND: Have A Nice Day.
HOG: Hand of God - when you move minifigs around, they think it's this.
HP: Harry Potter.
HTH: Hope That Helps.
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IANAL, I ANAL: I Am Not a Lawyer.
IE: Internet Explorer.
IG: Imperial Guards.
IIDSSM: If I Do Say So Myself.
IIRC: If I Recall Correctly.
ILTCO: International LEGO® Train Club Organization.
IMHO: In My Humble Opinion.
IMNSHO: In My Not So Humble Opinion.
IMO: In My Opinion.
IOW: In Other Words.
IRL: In Real Life.
ISD: Imperial Star Destroyer.
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KABOB: Kid with a Bunch of Bricks.
KK: Knight's Kingdom.
KFOL: Kid Fan of Lego.
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LA: in California context, Los Angeles; in Australia context, Lego Australia.
LD: Lego Direct.
LDraw: the LDraw organisation.
LDU: LDraw Unit.
L-Gauge: the scale of Lego trains.
LIC: Lego Imagination Center - store directly affiliated with the Lego Company.
LL: Legoland.
LLCA: Legoland California.
LMK: Let Me Know.
LMKWYT: Let Me Know What You Think.
LOL: Laughing Out Loud.
LOM: Life On Mars.
LS@H: see LSAH.
LSAH: Lego Shop at Home - a direct order branch of Lego. Also known as LS@H, S@H, SAH.
LTC: Lego Train Club - usually combined with an area abrevation.
LUG: Lego User Group - usually combined with an area abbreviaton.
LURP: Little Ugly Rock Piece .
LUGNET: Lego User Group NETwork.
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MCM: Mega or Multi Core Magnetizer.
MF: one of the Millenium Falcon's, or MiniFig.
MIB: Mint In Box.
MISB: Mint In Sealed Box.
MISP: Mint In Sealed Polybag.
MOA: Mall Of America.
MOC: My Own Creation. Refers to original creations by fans. Also the name of a Lego line.
MOT: My Own Train - customizable sets sold by The Lego Company (TLC).
MOTD: Model of the Day.
MOTM: Model of the Month.
MOTW: Model of the Week.
MSIE: Microsoft Internet Explorer.
MT: Model Team or M-Tron.
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NDL: Neptune Discovery Lab.
NLF: Non-Lego Friend/Fiancé/Fiancée (usually Friend).
NLP: Non-Lego Parent.
NLS: Non-Lego Spouse.
NLSO: Non-Lego Significant Other.
NN: Netscape Navigator.
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OBO: Or Best Offer.
OMFIAMP: One Man's Food is Another Man's Posion.
OTOH: On the Other Hand.
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PEWC: Prefab Explorien Wing, Cockpit.
Peeron: a Lego inventory website, named after a pet cat:
POOP: Piece [that can or should be made] Out of Other Pieces.
POV: Point of View or abbreviaton for POV-Ray a CAD rendering program.
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RBR: Red Beard Runner or Rebel Blockade Runner.
RIS: Robotic Invention System: version 1.0, version 1.5 or version 2.0.
RK: Royal Knights.
RL: Real Life.
ROFL (or variants): Rolling On the Floor Laughing - this often appears with more letters at the end, e.g. ROFLOL is Rolling On the Floor Laughing Out Loud. There are too many variants to list them.
RPG: Role Playing Game.
RR: Railroad or Rock Raiders.
RSN: Really Soon Now.
RTL: - a USENET group devoted to Lego.
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S@H: see LSAH.
SAH: see LSAH.
SES: Skull's Eye Schooner.
SNOT: Studs Not On Top.
SP: Space Police: either first series or second series.
sp?: refers to uncertain spelling of the previous word.
SP1: Space Police One - the white/black uniforms with trans-red visors.
SP2: Space Police Two - the black/green uniforms with the trans-green visors.
STAMP: Sticker Across Multiple Pieces.
SPUD: Special/Single Piece/Purpose Ugly/Useless/UnLegoish Design/Decorative. Many people think that the many meanings of this acronym make it a great one, as it is not Single Purpose at all.
SW: Star Wars.
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TC: Time Cruisers.
TIA: Thanks In Advance.
TLC: The Lego Company - Known by this name since autumn 1999, formerly TLG.
TLG: The Lego Group - Nowadays TLC, The Lego Company.
TRU: Toys 'R' Us.
TT: Time Twisters.
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UCS: Ultimate Collecor's Series - geared towards experienced builders.
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WM: Wal*Mart.
WP: Wolfpack.
WTB: Want To Buy.
WTT: Want To Trade.
WW: Wild West - a fan created term.
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XP: Cross-Posted [to a different discussion location]; or, Windows XP.
XFUT: X-posted (crossposted) to and followups set to [different discussion locationp].
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YCLIU: You Could Look It Up.
YMMV: Your Mileage May Vary.
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ZB: Zany Brainy - a defunct retail store chain.
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