Lego Blueprints

These blueprints were originally published in 1965 in the UK. There were 4 sets sold individually, and 2 sets included in a children's book. Thanks to Phil Traviss for the boathouse and book scans, also info on release year and prices. Thanks to Huw Millington for the original version of this page. Thumbnails shown to conserve bandwidth. Larger images available upon request.

Individual Blueprints

These were available separately at a price of 1d each.

No. 1
No. 2
London Bus
No. 3
No. 4
Windmill Parts Boathouse Parts London Bus Parts Astronaut Parts
Windmill Instructions Boathouse Instructions London Bus Instructions Atronaut Instructions

Anna Miranda and Mark Blueprints

Book Cover These were part of a book titled "Anna Miranda and Mark build a house" which sold for a shilling in 1965.
A historical note from Phil Traviss, the Anna Miranda book was the first appearance of a character named "O'gel". Although he was a wise man in that story, he was portrayed as evil in the much later Alpha Team stories.
Wizard's Boat
Boat Page 1 Boat Page 2 Boat Page 3
Magic House
House Page 1 House Page 2 House Page 3 House Page 4 House Page 5

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