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A guide to Lego™ Colors. The links below take you to different parts of the Color Tree. This information is continually being updated. If you have any information to share, please email Clark. I'm always looking to improve the Tree, and make it more useful. Please let me know if you have any suggestions.

Color Tree Color Tree gives a comparison of the current fan-named colors, matches to official Lego color names and numbers, and links to more information - just click on any color name to be taken to more info. Fan names link to the Roots page, Lego names link to the Lego list.
Colors Color Tree Roots gives conversions between color names on Bricklink, Peeron, Ldraw, and Lego. It also gives information about themes the color appears in, and significant sets with the color. Links here go to color-specific part lists on BL, Peeron, the Lego List. Click the picture to return to the Color Tree.
Colors Color Tree Translator gives translations of many of the Color Tree names into 7 different languages - German, Italian, French, Spanish, Danish, Dutch, and Portuguese. The English name on this list links back to the Color Tree.
Colors Lego Color List is a compilation of the known color numbers as publicly shared by Lego. The list includes the Peeron color list, tile pictures taken by fans, and other information publicly posted. The Peeron list included conversions of Lego colors into CYMK, RGB, HTML, and Pantone color values, other sources did not include that info. Names here are linked back to the Color Tree.

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